Young People's UK Actionline

Are you the target of homophobic bullying?
Call our Actionline on 0808 1000 143 or contact us by using our online self-reporting form

What does EACH's Actionline do?

Our award-winning Actionline takes calls from children and young people (or an adult on their behalf) who are experiencing homophobic bullying anywhere in England and Wales. If you've been the target of homophobic bullying, or you are an adult who works with young people or a parent who wants to report the homophobic bullying of a young person, our Actionline is the place to call - in confidence.

Who will answer my call?

Your call will be answered by EACH staff who will listen to you, provide you with professional, confidential guidance and help you decide on the best course of action.  If they are busy speaking to another caller or with a client, and your call cannot be taken, please call again within our designated hours.

What good will phoning this Actionline do?

Having listened to your explanation of what you're experiencing we will decide, with you, the best way to stop the bullying and secure the help and support that you need.

Will the call be free?

Calls from most landlines and many mobiles will be free and our number should not appear on a landline bill when the call is free. Calls from some mobiles will be charged but you should be told this by your mobile service provider before your call comes through to us.

Are there any EACH resources available for my school or youth group?

Our eye catching posters have been sent to every Local Authority across England and Wales for distribution to each authority's maintained secondary schools. If you would like our posters and other resources in your school or unit - call us on 0117 946 7607 or e-mail info@eachaction.org.uk

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