Educational Action Challenging Homophobia


“I get to school just as the last ones are going in. I make sure I’m never somewhere where there’s no teacher about. I get home as fast as I can with a boy who just sticks up for me, no questions asked.”

Is being gay the problem?

It’s not being gay that makes some young people unhappy. It’s the negative reaction of other people that they fear, coming to terms with being ‘different’ and coping with it that’s difficult. It is even harder if this has to be done in secrecy from family, friends and teachers.

Lesbian and gay people of all ages can find themselves emotionally exhausted by having to reconcile how they are feeling inside with the problems others have in coming to terms with their sexuality.

“60,000 lesbian, gay or bisexual adults reported being the target of homophobic bullying in their youth.”

Jenny Murray
Woman’s Hour
March 2005