This page contains examples of work produced as part of the Reach project

Equal People

This team of young people on the Envision Young Leaders programme in Bristol created a series of theatre pieces as part of their campaign to challenge homophobic language. The theatre performances formed the centre piece of their 10-month campaign which they delivered with expert advice from EACH. As part of the Reach project the group transformed their performance into a series of short films, which will be used by schools and youth agencies to challenge homophobia.

Discussion final from EACH Admin on Vimeo.


Tagged was produced in collaboration with students from Bridge Learning Campus and Hummingbird Films. It explores what happens when a student leaves his phone unattended and unlocked.

Tagged final from EACH Admin on Vimeo.

The discussion piece explores what the students learnt from their experience and how the film was put together.

BLC Discussion from EACH Admin on Vimeo.

Reach Cybersurvey animation

The Reach Cybersurvey animation raises awareness about the prevalence of homophobia online, as well as highlights avenues for support. It is based on the findings of our 2011 Reach Cybersurvey which heard from 1,969 young people about their experiences online

Reach Cybersurvey animation from EACH Admin on Vimeo.

Where’s the harm?

‘Where’s the Harm?’ was a film co-produced for the Reach project by Calling the Shots with young people from Sexual Health Action: Real People (SHARP). It aims to raise awareness around the potential consequences of sexting through the film and the accompanying resource.

Where’s the harm? from EACH Admin on Vimeo.

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